A Cause Greater Than One’s Self

At our most recent show, Bridget, the Executive Director at HopeKids Arizona mentioned something that we ourselves had noticed.  She said that the shows have taken on a whole new level of energy lately.  Sure, we have lots going on, but there is something the air.  We think the volunteers have much to do with it. 

We could not do what we do without the small army of souls who give of themselves to make this place tick.  Bruce, Linda and Darren have been helping to MC.  Cindy, Dana and Talia take such glorious pictures that the families get to keep and treasure.  All the officers from Phoenix PD keep a watchful eye on our families and now they are being aided in their mission by their youth auxiliary, The Phoenix PD Explorers.  Chris, Greg and Tim man the Crime Fighting Cycle, Jim keeps the limo in fighting form, Judi, Jessica, Dustin, Eric help in a million different ways.

On the mechanical side, we have Rick, Lance and Sven creating new masterpieces for Cave version 2.0.  And best of all we have Elizabeth and JC creating our newest masterpiece: The Crime Fighting Copter.  And then there are all the families, charities and friends that help in more ways than we can count. 

Our cup runneth over and man are we grateful!