The transformative power of compassion.

We give families with children that have a disability or a terminal condition one-of-a-kind experiences that are awe-inspiring and deeply meaningful.

Most children will have a full life to dream — and the luxury of time to make those dreams come true — sadly that’s a much different story for many of the children we serve. For some, their abilities are limited, and for many others their time is running out.

We designed the Superhero Experience to benefit the entire family. For the children, they get to forget that they are sick and simply enjoy being a kid. For the parents, this is an evening to momentarily let go of their worries and share a moment of pure joy with their children. In the end, memories are all we have, and the best are the ones that we get to share with the people that we love. 

Paying it forward.

The Colten Cowell Foundation is the non-profit that makes giving fun and accessible by creating more smiles and laughter for kids and families.

After an imaginative, unforgettable Crime Fighting Cave experience, kids become real-life Super Heroes when they are empowered to give. In the process, they learn how rewarding it can be to help others — regardless of the amount.

The Colten Cowell Foundation aims to change people’s perspective on giving, inspiring them to donate because they know that the experience of giving is every bit as fun as laser beam vision, flying, or most any other superpower.

Where we began.

When Charles Keller decided to share his love of the 1960s Batman TV series with his two young sons, he never imagined that simple act would become something much bigger and way more insane. But after just one episode, the boys became obsessed with all things Superhero!

To Charles’ twisted mind, there was only one logical next step: he had to find a real-life Batmobile for his family. He soon found himself test driving a replica of the original nuclear-powered chariot, and then taking it home.

By watching the Batmobile inspire wonder and joy Charles knew it was more than just a great set of wheels. Charles could see that sharing the Batmobile was a great experience not just for others, but for himself too. The Batmobile is now at the heart of a one-of-a-kind experience that transforms children into Superheroes, creating unforgettable memories for families.