So we decided to create the next generation of world changing superheroes...


We at the Cotten Cowell Foundation have been thinking... in fact, we do a lot of that, it's how we light up the cave - with all the lightbulbs constantly going off!  But it's not all we do, all that thinking is followed by ACTION, compassion-driven action. You see, over the last 10 years we have had over 500 families come through our one-of-a-kind Superhero Experience, we have given over $1.4 million to more than 200 charities - but that's just the beginning.

The most recent lightbulb had to do with creating a ripple effect of compassion, so we thought "what if we SHARE our enthusiasm for the power of compassion by TEACHING about it."

THAT'S IT! We will teach kids of all ages about the power and fun of giving... INTRODUCING the SUPERHERO ACADEMY

*cue the applause*

The Academy will be a fun, laughter filled, high energy, interactive program that shows how we at CCF try to make the world a slightly nicer place. Naturally, we'll rely on the young ones to come up with ideas of their own as well. The whole ball of wax will be hands on, uplifting and filled with wonder, smiles, and good times. The Academy will last about 2 hours and through stories and experiences show how we came to believe in the transformative power of compassion.

Giving can be large or small. It can be a minor kindness or a grand gesture. It can be financial or it can be giving of yourself, but in the end we want kids of all ages to know the biggest Superhero top secret of all: that when you do give of yourself or are in service to others, no matter how you do it, your life is made better every bit as much as the person/people you help. Who knew? It's like a 2 for 1 THAT'S a sweet deal!

And, well, who can get in on this amazing deal you ask? Schools, clubs, sports teams and even our partner charities.

We hope this program helps our entire Valley, and heck, let's dream BIG - the ENTIRE WORLD.

Because after all that is the goal of creating a ripple effect of compassion: to change the world.

Graduates will get the tools they need to make our world a better place. And that my friends is what it’s all about.

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