A Great BIG Thank You!

We have lots to be grateful for this year, in spite of all that has gone sideways in our world. Top of our list is our long serving board member and Superhero Experience MC, Bruce St. James. After coming to a show many years ago at the invitation of a coworker at KTAR radio, Bruce was hooked. He studied the script and after memorizing every word, he made it his own. By now hundreds of families and many thousands of guests have left with amazing memories of a laughter and compassion filled night. What a guy!

So, you want the good news first, or the bad? We’ll pretend we can hear you and give you the bad news first. Sadly, the radio biz can be a bit unpredictable and with that Bruce is now leaving our neck of the woods and will soon be the voice of WLS radio in Chicago. Sure, we will solider on without him, but it will take a little getting used to. As he himself would gladly remind our readers, his movie star good looks and mastery of TikTok videos can’t just be found on any street corner.

The good news? Well... Bruce will soon be headed to the Windy City to be the voice of WLS radio in Chicago. Having the ears of countless listeners in the nation’s third largest radio market is not without its’ advantages. Bruce plans to give his audience quite a schooling on Colten, CCF, and The Monument to Compassion, our 5 acre, 25,000 square foot masterpiece, shovels slated to go into the ground in 2021! Fun stuff brewing on that front, but we will fill you in on that in a future post. Oh, and Bruce will still be on the board, thank heavens!

Bruce is always quick to remind our audiences that he is “no relation” to the other and somewhat more famous Bruce has has been known to frequent crime fighting caves. To us, however, he is better. A genuinely kind soul, that has brought smiles to so many faces. Happy trails, Bruce. We love you and miss you already!