A Monument to Compassion

When man went to the Moon, it cost something like $100 billion dollar in today’s money.  But when Neil Armstrong sets foot on another planet, nobody bothered to save the good footage and we are left with very grainy images of what was supposed to be mankind’s shining moment.  I call do-over.

The wheels are now in motion to create a true monument to compassion, and the best part is you can play a part, without having to be a chain smoking brainiac engineer with a buzz cut, short sleeve shirt and tie.

As of this writing, we are in escrow for 5 acres of premium industrial land in central Phoenix (14 miles outside city limits), on which we plan to put a permanent 20,000 square foot Colten Cowell Memorial Crime Fighting Cave.  Already well into the planning stages, we have Candelaria Design Architects and Sage Commercial Builders hard at work laying the literal and figurative ground work for this greatest chapter in our journey.  We also tip our cowl to Phoenix Councilwoman Kate Gallego whose team has provided wonderful guidance and support for what we think will become a great source of civic pride in our fine metropolis.

We encourage you to like our page, send a buck, watch some TV, tweet until the cows come home, flip though a photo album, or drop us a line and tell us what kids of construction or other in kind contribution you have up your sleeve.  If nothing else, you can do your bit by just telling a friend. 

Everybody can be part of this…and we promise to save the good footage!  Stay tuned for our thrilling conclusion.