Compassion in trying times.

Perhaps you aren’t familiar with the Colten Cowell Foundation. Perhaps you don’t know much about how I ended up with a batmobile, or why I decided to build a cave. I will get around to that story. But for now, as many of us sit at home with our families close, it brings to mind why we at CCF do what we do.  

The cornerstone of what The Colten Cowell Foundation stands for can be said with a single word…compassion.  Not cartoons, not superheroes, not fancy cars, it’s compassion plain and simple.  When I had the privilege of meeting Colten and his family 10 years ago, it was compassion for what they went through that got me to do more.  When Ethan was fighting to stay alive after his kidney transplant and asked about why he didn’t get to see a Crime Fighting Cave, it was compassion that drove the decision to build our existing facility.  And as we get closer to building our ultimate facility, the 5 acre, 25,000 square foot Mansion and Cave complex, it was easy to decide to dub it “The Monument to Compassion”.  With so many great companies giving so freely of themselves, like LGE and Candelaria Design, what do you suppose drives them?  Simple, compassion!

We are living in a trying time.

Many of us, who have never been touched by a tough pediatric illness, are now feeling everyday what our over 500 graduated families have dealt with daily and for many years.  Uncertainty, fear of the unknown, and an absence of precise answers - it can all be scary.  While the whole country struggles with COVID-19, we encourage all of us to embrace this guiding principle.  Be kind to one another, embrace how lucky we are to be with the ones we love, check in on friends over video calls so everybody gets to see a smiling face and never forget how this uncertainty feels.  It could ultimately change your life for the better.

There’s no way to know what the time ahead will bring, but we do know that the one medicine everybody can use is some…yes…compassion.  It works just as well whether given or received…and you can write your own prescription.

Seriously, let us know what we can do to help you during this tough period.  We care about you all!