Gentlemen, The Sky Awaits

We just could not be a serious crime fighting organization now a days without an aviation component.  But if we are going to take to the skies, there needs to be a twisted tale to tell.  We will not let you down.

After an exhaustive nationwide search and with the help of Safari Helicopter’s Megan Wright, we found the perfect specimen.  Deep in the woods of rural Georgia, Megan managed to locate for us a retired bubble canopy bird that is a near spot on replica of its’ 1966 cousin.  Better still, the bird was owned by Caleb Stine, who is a superhero in his own right.  Caleb was a Special Forces aviator during combat operations in Afghanistan, who has done more real villain fighting than you can shake a stick at.

For months, Caleb prepared the bird, now loving referred to in our workshop as “Colten One”, for shipment cross country, and even installed a new bubble canopy contributed by Scott’s Helicopter Services of Le Sueur, Minnesota.  To sweeten the deal, Safari also contributed rotor blades.

We are now busily working to restore the bird to crime fighting status and are hard at work dismantling her, so the individual pieces can be lovingly brought back to life.  What’s this?  You have a knack for all things aviation and want to pitch in?  Well don’t just sit there, drop us a line at [email protected].  Oh wait, I guess now a days you can sit and do that at the same time.  Scratch that first part.