How to nominate a child?

If you are a charity and know of a child who is well-deserving of an evening of fun, please fill out the pdf below and send it on back to us.

We'd love to host this special person and their family at a cave experience really soon. Kids who are nominated typically live with a life challenge. They might be ill or live with someone who is. They might have just lost someone close to them. Whatever the case, if they need a smile, we have just the antics.

The kids are nominated for this experience by a charity. There are many we partner with already. If you are not one of our returning charities, have no fear, we look forward to speaking to you. 

Is the child you are referring active with any local charities? If so, please provide the charity name in the email you send to us (and in response to the form).

Download the nomination form: CCF-Nomination-Form.pdf