The beauty of paying it forward.

Around here, we like to say having a Batmobile is cool and all, but what is really great is sharing it with others. Frequently, the youngest generation is the one that best absorbs this basic but wonderful concept.  

Recently we hosted Neeley, our 438th graduate. She has had medical challenges, but instead of letting that get her down, she started her own non-profit, Neeley's Chronic Joy Foundation. In turn she contacted another young philanthropist, Campbell, who is both Cave graduate #235 and the Founder of Campbell's Crew Cares, yet another nonprofit started by a young adult who has turned his struggles into happiness for others.

Neeley saw Campbell on a local news story when he made a donation to Ryan House, one of our favorite local do-gooders, and she reached out to him asking what wish her foundation could grant him.

Upon reflection, Campbell, as usual, wanted nothing for himself and instead gave us a jingle and wondered if, for his wish, Neeley could be brought to the Cave for an evening of her own. Call me crazy, but I see a trend developing here where these two always think of others first.

And so we just completed one of our very finest Superhero Experiences ever, honoring Neeley, Campbell, their achievements and generosity, and featuring Neeley’s friends who were perhaps the most supportive and enthusiastic bunch we've met to date.

We even ended the night with Neeley, a newly minted drivers license holder, driving the Batmobile. She did a waaaaaaay better job than her Dad did behind the wheel. Don't was ugly! :)