What are the characteristics of a hero?

Well, it’s not about having the ability to fly, or saving someone from a burning building, although those acts of heroism definitely count!

Heroes take action to help others who are in need, voluntarily and selflessly, even though the task at hand may not be easy. A true hero takes these actions and expects nothing in return. A true hero has a very special power: COMPASSION.

As our latest exhibit, behold young Blake, who opted to fashion 123 capes for our future superheroes as his Eagle Scout project.

He started not knowing how to use a sewing machine, let alone what a ‘Singer’ was, but that did not stop him from pursuing his goal. With the help of 56 fellow Scouts — working under his vision — they job got done.

Blake didn’t expect media coverage when he delivered the capes, but the moment was truly newsworthy! It is stories of compassion, like Blake’s, that we need to see more of.

From all of us at the Colten Cowell Foundation, we’d like to thank Blake for showing us that true heroes don’t always wear capes, sometimes they are the ones who make them.